Leadership competences development

Your challenges

Organizations evolving in complex, changing, multicultural and virtual environments turn to Leaders Building Agility.
Organizations that want to develop their people leadership as well as their teams maturity.

Our solutions

We develop leadership competencies and agility through specific coaching, training and consulting programs.
For people in leadership situations— executives, managers, project leaders— teams and organizations.

Our engagements

We are committed to developing a human and high performing leadership.
“Conscious leaders, assertive and inclusive, competent and agile are the key to motivation, operational excellence and value creation.”

Lucien Rincent

The LBA model

Our processes are specific, transparent, action and goal oriented, and delivered by people that are both experienced leaders and certified professionals.
A challenging and caring mindset, adapted to people and organizational features.

Your Challenges

  • Demonstrating leadership
  • Taking challenging new positions
  • Mental preparation to difficult situations
  • Communicating with assertiveness
  • Managing difficult personalities
  • Facing being alone and exposed as a leader
  • Supporting managers and teams experiencing difficulties
  • Developing Leadership all along the leadership pipeline
  • Engaging teams through change
  • Finding agile solutions
  • Developing team cohesion
  • Redefining vision and purpose
  • Developing future leaders
  • Developing emotional intelligence
  • Preparing and leading intercultural negotiations
  • Transforming cultural diversity into a strength
  • Increasing multicultural teams performance
  • Influencing across silos / processes / distances
  • Leading transversally
  • Getting results remotely



  • Transform your challenges into COACHING goals.
  • Meet your needs with a learning plan, agile on TRAINING contents-duration- formats.
  • Design a specific, action oriented, CONSULTING mission.



STANDARD SOLUTIONS Chose a specific program

Our Solutions

  • Leadership development
  • Communicating through change as a Leader
  • – Leading a multicultural team
  • – Leading in English
  • Managing transversally
  • – Facilitating efficient virtual meetings
  • – Cooperate in a complex environment
  • – Managing from a distance

Individual coaching for :

  • Performance
  • – Decision
  • – Guidance
  • Development
  • Support

Team coaching for :

  • Collective performance
  • – Team cohesion
  • Strategic alignment
  • We help you leveraging the organization-human factor system through :
  • – Strategic alignment workshops :
  • values – vision – governance
  • – Prepare for change workshops
  • – Creativity and decision workshops
  • – Managerial practices exchange groups
  • Support groups and collective debriefings
  • – Interpersonal mediation

Our Engagements

Lucien Rincent

Executive Coach, Trainer in Leadership
Owner Leaders Building Agility

  • Professional Coach, Member of the EMCC Coaching Association
    European Mentoring and Coaching Council
  • Professional Trainer, FFP certified
    Professional Training Association
  •  Behavioral Consultant
  • Rational Emotive Behavior therapist, Albert Ellis Institute
  • Firo-B certified, Interpersonal Relations in Business
  • GlobeSmart Certified, Intercultural Behaviours in Business

« As international leader I have used my leadership skills on individuals, teams, projects, organizations and strategies. And it all happened in complex environments, in fast changing, virtual, multicultural and matrix organizations.

15 years as a leader that have been driven by enthusiasm, curiosity and human encounters, by people
development as well as corporate goals achievement.
Being more and more aware of the decisive importance of the human factor in the organizations success, I have founded Leaders Building Agility based on five personal convictions:
The success of an organization depends on its leaders quality.
Every leader can develop its leadership competencies.
The variety and complexity of leadership situations is increasing.
Conscious leaders, assertive and inclusive, competent and agile are the key to motivation, operational
excellence and value creation.
Effective coaching and training must be based on both the leader and the organization needs.

Leaders do make a difference, they are an essential source of business value and performance over time. I want to bring them what they must mobilize in themselves and in others: engagement, trust, agility, excellence, meaning, creativity.»

The Leaders Building Agility Model

Acting simultaneously on intelligences and leadership competencies

Developing adaptive intelligence…

Accelerating the self-awareness journey in a challenging and caring mindset.

 … and honing leadership competences…

Boosting targeted key leadership competences, in line with each leader/team/organization challenges.

 … to increase the impact on complex environments.

Developing a human and high performing leadership, action oriented, adapted to each leader/team/organization complex environments.


Are both experienced leaders and certified professionals

Respect the EMCC code of ethics

Are result oriented, committed, and evaluated on result and customer satisfaction.

Bring energy, perspective, expertise !


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52 avenue du Général Frère
69008 Lyon

Phone Number :

+33 (0)6 99 25 25 06

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